Nuts and babies

It is not recommended to add nuts to your baby's lunch box .. why?Even if your child is not allergic to nuts, you shouldn't add nuts to their lunch boxBecause whole nuts is considered a choking hazard for children under 5 years old and most importantly, some of their classmates may be allergic to nuts.How is this related to your child?1- kids are very sweet, they love to share their food, and we are worried that your child may share his nuts with his colleague(who is allergic to them)2- his colleague might hold your child's hand or hug him while traces are enough to trigger his allergy3- his colleague may touch the nuts in your child's lunch box4- his colleague may breath in the powder traces of the nutsNuts allergy is very serious and it can lead to anaphylactic shock .. please be careful and always read food labels to make sure the products in your baby's lunch box doesnt include any traces of nutsThe most common types are: peanuts, almonds, cachews, hazelnuts, macademia nuts, pecans, and pistachiosPlease note: if your child has nuts allergy, inform his school so that they can be aware of that and be ready to take action. Stay safe